Online Chinese Language News Sources

Annotation:Chinese language edition of the British Broadcasting Corporation's news service. 中國語言版本的英國廣播公司的新聞服務。

Annotation:Business and financial news 商业和金融新闻

Annotation:News from Beijing and Hong Kong 從北京和香港的新聞

Annotation:Popular weekly news magazine. Unrelated to American Newsweek. 每週一次的新聞雜誌

Annotation:Taiwan-based news service 台灣的新聞服務

Annotation:Multi-lingual. Highly critical of CCP. Founded by supporters of Falun Gong. 社会和政治的批评。中国共产党的批评。成立由法轮功支持者.

Annotation:Daily news, Singapore 總部設在新加坡

Annotation:Hong Kong-based 以香港為基地的新聞服務

Annotation:Based in Shanghai. Domestic and international business news. 总部设在上海。国内和国际的商业新闻。

Annotation:Official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China 中國共產黨中央委員會的官方報紙

Annotation:RealAudio broadcasts in Cantonese from Radio Television Hong Kong 香港電台粵語廣播

Annotation:Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese news 中國大陸和台灣的新聞

Annotation:Broadcasting organ of the United States federal government. 美國聯邦政府的廣播機構

Annotation:Shanghai news 上海新聞服務

Annotation:State news agency, People’s Republic of China 中華人民共和國的國家通訊社

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Links to news sources based in mainland China and abroad, in Chinese, and representing a diversity of political, editorial and regional perspectives and agendas.

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