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Nora Roberts' Carolina Moon
Nora Roberts' Carolina Moon DVD - 2007 DVD MOVIE N All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Tory returns to her hometown and discovers that the death of her childhood friend, Hope, was only the first in a string of murders and the sociopath has been waiting patiently for Tory's return.

Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke
Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke DVD - 2007 DVD MOVIE N All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:After her family's pizzeria burned to the ground when she was 11 years old, Reena decides to become an arson investigator. But danger lurks when a mysterious stalker from her past resurfaces and Reena must use her sleuthing skills to snare the psycho before her life goes up in Blue Smoke.

Nora Roberts' Midnight Bayou
Nora Roberts' Midnight Bayou DVD - 2009 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Harvard-educated lawyer Declan Fitzpatrick impulsively gives up his settled life to buy Manet Hall, a newly restored (and rumored to be haunted) plantation manor near New Orleans to which he has always found himself drawn.

Nora Roberts' Tribute
Nora Roberts' Tribute DVD - 2009 DVD MOVIE T and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:Cilla McGowans’ search for a normal life is shattered by haunting dreams of her famous grandmother, who perished in her house over 30 years ago. Cilla finds comfort in the arms of handsome neighbor Ford Sawyer, who must protect her when the dark visions and family secrets spiral into a real-life nightmare

Nora Roberts' High Noon
Nora Roberts' High Noon DVD - 2009 All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara is an expert hostage negotiator juggling a high-pressure career while caring for both her young daughter and her mother. Phoebe is assaulted by an unknown assailant, and later receives a series of mysterious threats. Suddenly Phoebe's the target of a psychopathic killer out to destroy her personally and professionally.

Nora Roberts' Northern Lights
Nora Roberts' Northern Lights DVD - 2009 DVD MOVIE N and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:Alaskan bush pilot falls for the town's new police chief. But when he decides to reopen a 16-year-old case involving the death of her father, she must decide whether or not to let him in to her troubled past.

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Popular author Nora Roberts has written dozens of books, this list will show you which ones have been made into Lifetime Movies.

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