The Complete Ghibli Collection

Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki's Delivery Service DVD - 2003

Annotation:My first and my favorite Ghibli movie. (6+)

Annotation:Read before watching Pom Poko.

Pom Poko
Pom Poko DVD - 2005

Annotation:Somewhat violent and deals with Japanese mythology, read a little before watching to better understand the main characters, the Tannuki.

Spirited Away
Spirited Away DVD - 2003

Annotation:A classic Ghibli for more older audiences, may scare some younger children. (8+)

The Cat Returns
The Cat Returns DVD - 2005

Annotation:A Pseudo-Sequal to Whisper of the Heart, and a un movie to watch. (8+)

Howl's moving castle
Howl's moving castle DVD - 2006 Japanese

Annotation:Kind of violent, but not to bad, my second favorite Ghibli movie (8+)

Tales From Earthsea
Tales From Earthsea DVD - 2011

Annotation:Has some violence and is for more older audiences (11+)

Ponyo DVD - 2010

Annotation:Perfect for little kids and older ones as well. (5+)

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A Collection of the movies of Studio Ghibli, in the order they were originally released in Japan, in chronological order. Note that Only Yesterday is missing, due to the fact that it has never been dubbed and released in the US, along with Arriety and From Up On Poppy Hill , which have not been released as of October of 2011. Also note that Grave of the Fireflies and My Neighbors The Yamadas are not available at my library, so it is not on here, and the fact that some of these movies are not for younger children due to swearing and other things, and those that are in the children's department may be scratched, so check the DVD first before checking out the movie. In parentheses is the recomended age group for that movie.

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