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The Lower East Side Heritage Collection (Seward Park Branch)

Annotation:1) New York neighborhoods. the Lower East Side : study guide 2) The New York City Triangle Factory fire 3) Flesh and blood so cheap : the Triangle fire and its legacy 4) 97 Orchard : an edible history of five immigrant families in one New York tenement 5) The Lower East Side remembered and revisited : a history and guide to a legendary New York neighborhood 6) Lush life 7) Chinatowns of New York City 8) Manhattan's Chinatown 9) Life on the Lower East Side 10) Biography of a tenement house in New York City : an architectural history of 97 Orchard Street 11) Captured : a film/video history of the Lower East Side 12) A fire in their hearts : Yiddish socialists in New York 13) Call it sleep 14) Jewish girls coming of age in America, 1860-1920 15) Title All poets welcome : the Lower East Side poetry scene in the 1960s 16) Shutting out the sky : life in the tenements of New York, 1880-1924 17) Title Low life : lures and snares of old New York 18) Little Italy 19) The Lower East Side remembered & revisited : history and guide to a legendary New York neighborhood 20) 97 Orchard Street, New York : stories of immigrant life 21) Flophouse : life on the Bowery 22) All around the town : amazing Manhattan facts and curiosities 23) Title Six heritage tours of the Lower East Side : a walking guide 24) The architecture of literacy : the Carnegie libraries of New York City 25) Gateway to the promised land : ethnic cultures on New York's Lower East Side 26) Streets : a memoir of the Lower East Side 27) Low rent : a decade of prose and photographs from the portable Lower East Side 28) Chinatown : a portrait of a closed society 29) New York City's buried past : a guide to excavated New York City's Revolutionary War artifacts, 1776-1783 30) Oscar Israelowitz's guide to the Lower East Side

Annotation:1) How I found America : collected stories of Anzia Yezierska 2) Ellis Island : new hope in a new land 3) The Educational Alliance, a centennial celebration 4) Small victories : the real world of a teacher, her students, and their high school 5) Deep are the roots : a novel 6) Lillian D. Wald, progressive activist 7) "Water under the bridge" 8) A dream fulfilled : City and Suburban's York Avenue Estate 9) Great merchants of early New York : "the ladies' mile" 10) Immigrant girl : Becky of Eldridge Street 11) New York : a physical history 12) The Lower East Side : a directory & guide-with-map to a world renowned shopping district 13) America's architectural roots : ethnic groups that built America 14) City of women : sex and class in New York, 1789-1860 15) Fragments : a memoir 16) Strangers no more 17) Uncle Jacob's ghost story 18) On the edge : the East Village 19) A brotherhood of memory : Jewish landsmanshaftn in the New World 20) New York life at the turn of the century in photographs : from the Byron collection of the Museum of the City of New York 21) Children of the city : at work and at play 22) Coat of many colors : pages from Jewish life 23) District atlas 84 (New York (N.Y.). Dept. of City Planning.) 24) Dorothy Day and the Catholic worker 25) Jewish and female : choices and changes in our lives today 26) Here come the Purim players! 27) Lead pencil 28) Send these to me : immigrants in urban America 29) Richard Tucker : a biography 30) The maverick rabbi : Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein and the Institutional Synagogue--"a new organizational form"

Annotation:1) From Hester Street to Hollywood : the Jewish-American stage and screen 2) Lillian Wald of Henry Street 3) Laughter through tears : the Yiddish cinema 4) Our gang : Jewish crime and the New York Jewish community, 1900-1940 5) The Legacy of Jewish migration : 1881 and its impact 6) The American Jewish album : 1654 to the present 7) East Side story : the Boys Brotherhood Republic's first fifty years on New York's Lower East Side 8) Trictionary, English-Chinese-Spanish : as spoken on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York city : including sections of the important people, famous places, and traditional holidays of the Caribbean and China 9) The Jewish Americans : a history in their own words, 1650-1950 10) In New York : a selection 11) Hidden from view, and other stories 12) Synagogues of New York City : a pictorial survey in 123 photographs 13) The Nuyorican experience : literature of the Puerto Rican minority 14) The self-chosen : "our crowd" is dead, long live our crowd 15) The rabbi's girls 16) 81 Sheriff Street 17) Labor and immigration in industrial America 18) Women at work : 153 photographs 19) A street of little shops 20) At home in America : second generation New York Jews 21) Art of the Olmsted landscape 22) City College and the Jewish poor : education in New York, 1880-1924 23) Joys of Jewish folklore : a journey from New Amsterdam to Beverly Hills and beyond 24) Nineteenth-century New York in rare photographic views 25) The journeys of David Toback : as retold by his granddaughter 26) The obvious illusion : murals from the Lower East Side 27) A Russian farewell 28) Moved by love 29) The settlement house movement in New York City, 1886-1914 30) Transplanted Chinese children. Report to: Administration for Children, Youth & Family, Department of Health, Education & Welfare.

Annotation:1) The power of light : eight stories for Hanukkah 2) Choosing sides : playground and street life on the Lower East Side 3) The Lower East Side : a guide to its Jewish past with 99 new photographs 4) How we lived : a documentary history of immigrant Jews in America, 1880-1930 5) Chinatown, New York : labor and politics, 1930-1950 6) Holiday tales of Sholom Aleichem 7) The open cage 8) The synagogues of New York's Lower East Side 9) Rachel's legacy 10) Jewish landmarks of New York; a travel guide and history 11) In such dark places 12) Wanderings; Chaim Potok's history of the Jews 13) The Street book; an encyclopedia of Manhattan's Street names and their origins 14) The city of New York; a history illustrated from the collections of the Museum of the City of New York 15) America & Lewis Hine : photographs 1904-1940 16) Bright star of exile: Jacob Adler and the Yiddish theatre 17) From the ghetto : the fiction of Abraham Cahan 18) Occupational mobility and kinship assistance : a study of Chinese immigrants in Chicago 19) Out of the sweatshop : the struggle for industrial democracy 20) Title South Street : a photographic guide to New York City's historic seaport 21) The factory; portrait of a leathergoods factory in downtown New York City 22) The city, the immigrant, and American fiction, 1880-1920 23) Toward a people's art : the contemporary mural movement 24) While messiah tarried : Jewish socialist movements, 1871-1917 25) The golden door : Italian and Jewish immigrant mobility in New York City, 1880-1915 26) World of our fathers 27) A place called home : a history of low-cost housing in Manhattan 28) Golden door to America; the Jewish immigrant experience, selected and edited by Abraham J. Karp. 29) New York then and now : 83 Manhattan sites photographed in the past and in the present.

Annotation:1) Next year in Jerusalem : portraits of the Jew in the twentieth century 2) The bluebird of happiness; the memoirs of Jan Peerce, by Allan Levy 3) The new country 4) A tale of three wishes 5) Literary New York; a history and guide 6) To preserve a heritage: The restoration and utilization of historic sites in Lower Manhattan 7) Bread givers : a novel : a struggle between a father of the Old World and a daughter of the New 8) The merrymaker 9) A lost paradise : early reminiscences 10) Bread givers : a novel : a struggle between a father of the Old World and a daughter of the New 11) Nuyorican poetry; an anthology of Puerto Rican words and feelings 12) The story of New York : an informal history of the city from the first settlement to the present day 13) "Not charity, but justice" : the story of Jacob A. Riis 14) Jacob A. Riis and the American city 15) History preserved; a guide to New York City landmarks and historic districts16) The fan man 17) The new anti-Semitism 18) New York, sunshine and shadow : a photographic record of the city and its people from 1850 to 1915 19) Jacob A. Riis : photographer & citizen 20) A harsh and dreadful love; Dorothy Day and the Catholic worker movement 21) Charas, the improbable dome builders 22) City limits; barriers to change in urban government 23) In the days of Simon Stern 24) New York City; a photographic portrait 25) Old men drunk and sober 26) So long, sweet Jesus; a street worker's spiritual odyssey 27) The Jewish catalog; a do-it-yourself kit 28) The East Side scene; American poetry 29) Jewish life on New York's Lower East Side 30) Bernard Revel; builder of American Jewish orthodoxy

Annotation:1) An album of the Jews in America 2) Poor cousins 3) The Columbia historical portrait of New York; an essay in graphic history 4) The greatest Jewish city in the world 5) Local control in education; three demonstration school districts in New York City 6) The Lower East Side; a portrait in time 7) The time that was then; the Lower East Side, 1900-1914, an intimate chronicle 8) A Bintel brief 9) How the other half lives; studies among the tenements of New York 10) Alone in the wild forest 11) Strangers at the door; Ellis Island, Castle Garden, and the great migration to America 12) Unfinished business: in neighborhood and nation 13) Forging a future for the Lower East Side : a plan for action 14) Fourth Street East; a novel of how it was 15) Beyond the melting pot; the Negroes, Puerto Ricans, Jews, Italians, and Irish of New York City 16) How the other half lives; studies among the tenements of New York 17) New York City guide; a comprehensive guide to the five boroughs of the metropolis--Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Richmond 18) New York Jews and the quest for community; the Kehillah experiment, 1908-1922 19) The friendly society : a history of the Workmen's Circle 20) Yekl; and The imported bridegroom, and other stories of the New York ghetto 21) The old East Side; an anthology 22) Community development in the Mobilization for Youth experience 23) Individual and group services in the Mobilization for Youth experience 24) Neighbor to the world; the story of Lillian 25) New York in fiction. 26) Onions and cucumbers and plums; 46 Yiddish poems in English 27) Self-revealment; a memoir 28) Pushcarts and dreamers; stories of Jewish life in America, by Sholem Asch 29) The education of Abraham Cahan 30) The downtown Jews; portraits of an immigrant generation.

Annotation:1) This was New York. a nostalgic picture of Gotham in the gaslight era 2) Employment and educational services in the Mobilization for Youth experience 3) Jacob Riis revisited; poverty and the slum in another era 4) Portal to America: the Lower East Side, 1870-1925 5) "Our crowd"; the great Jewish families of New York 6) The fearsome inn 7) The spirit of the ghetto 8) Pathways through the Jewish holidays 9) The Torah; the five books of Moses 10) The new Bohemia; the combine generation 11) Profiles of eleven; profiles of eleven men who guided the destiny of an immigrant society and stimulated social consciousness among the American people 12) Tales of a tailor : humor and tragedy in the struggles of the early immigrants against the sweatshop 13) At the dawn of civilization; a background of Biblical history 14) Day's at the morn 15) Jewish landmarks in New York; an informal history and guide, by Bernard Postal and Lionel Koppman 16) The adventures of K'tonton; a little Jewish Tom Thumb17) The many worlds of L*e*o R*o*s*t*e*n 18) New York landmarks; a study & index of architecturally notable structures in greater New York. 19) Notes from a dark street 20) The promised city 21) Colonial days in old New York 22) The Triangle fire 23) A history of the Jews in the United States 24) Light the dark streets 25) I gave my heart 26) Orchard Street 27) Jews in America in colonial and Revolutionary times : a memorial volume 28) The Neighborhood Playhouse; leaves from a theatre scrapbook 29) Once upon a city; New York from 1890 to 1910 30) A history of the Jewish people

Annotation:1) Take my life 2) Once in royal David's city; a picture book of the Nativity 3) The story of Jewish holidays and customs for young people 4) Rejoice in thy festival; a treasury of wisdom, wit, and humor for the Sabbath and Jewish holidays 5) Jewish adventures in America; the story of 300 years of Jewish life in the United States 6) The synagogue and its people 7) The great march; post-Biblical Jewish stories 8) Rachel 9) The East side of yesteryear in pictures 10) Hockshop 11) The alphabet of creation; an ancient legend from the Zohar 12) Yossele Rosenblatt, the story of his life as told by his son 13) A treasury of Jewish holidays; history, legends, traditions 14) Portraits etched in stone; early Jewish settlers 15) The World over story book 16) As you pass by 17) Byalisṭoḳ 18) The rise of David Levinsky : a novel 19) 50 yor Arbeṭer-ring in yidishn lebn 20) Here is God's plenty; reflections on American social advance 21) Jews without money 22) The rise of the Jewish community of New York 23) A treasure hunt in Judaism 24) Lillian Wald : neighbor and crusader 25) Neighborhood : my story of Greenwich House 26) A history of Jewish life in modern times for young people 27) Di anṭshṭeyung fun "Forṿerṭs‫"‬ un zayn ḳamf miṭn 1893-1902"‬, Abendblaṭ‫" : zikhroynes 28) How the Jewish people grew up 29) The Workmen's Circle; its history, ideals, organization and institutions

Annotation:1) Roller skates 2) American defender 3) The story of old New York 4) Windows on Henry Street 5) My life is in your hands 6) An East Side epic : the life and work of Meyer London 7) As I know them; some Jews and a few Gentiles 8) Up to now; an autobiography 9) The book of legends tales from the Talmud and Midrush 10) Haunch, paunch and jowl 11) The house on Henry Street 12) The spirit of the Ghetto : studies of the Jewish quarter in New York 13) Little citizens : the humours of school life 14) American Jewish year book 15) History of the city of New York: its origin, rise, and progress

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