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Author @ the Library, May 2013

War on the Waters
War on the Waters The Union and Confederate Navies, 1861-1865 By McPherson, James M. (Book - 2012 ) 973.75 M and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:Although previously undervalued for their strategic impact because they represented only a small percentage of total forces, the Union and Confederate navies were crucial to the outcome of the Civil War. Professor James McPherson recounts the war's naval campaigns and their military leaders on May 1st.

The Meat Lover's Meatless Celebrations
The Meat Lover's Meatless Celebrations Year-round Vegetarian Feasts (you Can Really Sink your Teeth Into) By O'Donnel, Kim (Book - 2012 ) 641.5636 O and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:As a voice for the Meatless Monday campaign, food writer Kin O'Donnel has been cooking up delicious you-won't-miss-the-meat fare for the vegetarian-curious-but-vegans-too-crazy-crowd. She knows meat eaters. In fact, she is one. She discusses the keys to satisfying meatless meals and answers your vexing meatless menus and holiday questions on May 6th.

The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook
The Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook Vegetarian Recipes Carnivores Will Devour By O'Donnel, Kim (Book - 2010 ) 641.5636 O and more… Available to borrow in some locations
Mycophilia Revelations From the Weird World of Mushrooms By Bone, Eugenia (Book - 2011 ) 579.6097 B and more… All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:On May 7th, Eugenia Bone gives an illustrated lecture on how the biology of mushrooms affects our culinary experience of them. Topics will cover why some mushrooms can be cultivated and others can't; the 1000 or so circuit pickers that collect most American wild mushrooms; a reassessment of the nutritional value of mushrooms; a look at the evolutionary history of mushrooms and why that history matters when it comes to cooking mushrooms; and an evaluation of the truffle scene, from the biology to the marketplace, among other subjects.

Grand Central's Engineer
Grand Central's Engineer William J. Wilgus and the Planning of Modern Manhattan By Schlichting, Kurt C. (Book - 2012 ) 624.092 S and more… All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Few people have had as profound an impact on the history of New York City as William J. Wilgus. As chief engineer of the New York Central Railroad, he conceived the Grand Central Terminal, the city’s magnificent monument to America’s Railway Age. On May 8th, Dr. Kurt C. Schlichting examines the remarkable career of this innovator, revealing how his tireless work moving people and goods over and under Manhattan Island’s surrounding waterways forever changed New York’s bustling transportation system.

Emerging Metropolis
Emerging Metropolis New York Jews in the Age of Immigration, 1840-1920 By Polland, Annie, 1973- (Book - 2012 ) All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:On May 9th, Annie Pollard and Daniel Soyer, authors of Emerging Metropolis, the second volume of the three-volume work, City of Promises, describe New York’s transformation into a Jewish city. This illustrated lecture focuses on the urban Jewish built environment—its tenements and banks, synagogues and shops, department stores and settlement houses—and conveys the extraordinary complexity of Jewish immigrant society.

Refugee Hotel
Refugee Hotel By Stabile, Gabriele (Book - 2012 ) 305.9069 S and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:In an illustrated lecture on May 13th, photojournalist Gabriele Stabile documents refugees, from their first steps on American soil to the cities and towns where they are rebuilding their communities.

The Patriarch
The Patriarch The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy By Nasaw, David (Book - 2012 ) B Kennedy N and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:On May 14th, celebrated historian David Nasaw tells the full story of Joseph P. Kennedy, the founder of the twentieth century's most famous political dynasty. The only biographer granted unrestricted access to the Joseph P. Kennedy papers in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library tracks Joseph Kennedy's astonishing passage from East Boston outsider to supreme Washington insider. The author explores not only one of the twentieth century's wealthiest and most powerful Americans, but also the family he raised and the children who completed the journey he had began.

Permanent Present Tense
Permanent Present Tense The Unforgettable Life of the Amnesic Patient, H.M By Corkin, Suzanne (Book - 2013 ) B Hm C and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:In a visual presentation on May 16th, Professor Suzanne Corkin explores the riveting story of the man who couldn’t remember: H. M., the famous brain-damaged patient whose case afforded untold advances in the study of memory.

Still the Same Hawk
Still the Same Hawk Reflections on Nature and New York (Book - 2013 ) 304.2097 S and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:Professor John Waldman brings into conversation diverse and intriguing perspectives on the relationship between nature and America's most prominent city in a visual presentation on May 20th. The author intermingles elements of natural history, urban ecology, and environmental politics, providing fresh insights into nature and the urban environment on one of the world's great stages for the clash of these seemingly disparate realms--New York City.

Democracy at Work
Democracy at Work A Cure for Capitalism By Wolff, Richard D. (Book - 2012 ) 306.36 W and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:Economist Richard D. Wolff discusses a democratic alternative based on workers managing their own workplaces on May 22nd.

What Is Mental Illness?
What Is Mental Illness? By McNally, Richard J. (Book - 2011 ) 616.89 M and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:What’s a disorder, and what’s just a struggle with real life? On May 23rd Dr. Richard J. McNally, Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training at Harvard University gives an illustrated lecture that cuts through both professional jargon and polemical hot air, to describe the intense political and intellectual struggles over what counts as a “real” disorder, and what goes into the “DSM,” the psychiatric bible. The author defends the careful approach of describing disorders by patterns of symptoms that can be seen, and illustrates how often the system medicalizes everyday emotional life.

Bunch of Amateurs
Bunch of Amateurs A Search for the American Character By Hitt, Jack (Book - 2012 ) 609.2273 H and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:Jack Hitt recounts America's many amateur inventors and tinkerers, from Benjamin Franklin's experiments with electricity to Mark Zuckerberg's social media website and profiles the current crop of individuals who are working in their kitchens, basements, and garages.

A Bunch of Amateurs
A Bunch of Amateurs A Search for the American Character By Hitt, Jack (Downloadable Audiobook - 2012 ) Check availability»
The Encore Career Handbook
The Encore Career Handbook How to Make A Living and A Difference in the Second Half of Life By Alboher, Marci (Paperback - 2013 ) JOBS 650.14 A and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:Marci Alboher offers a guide to finding passion, purpose and a paycheck in the second half of life in this lecture on May 30th. With Katherine Lanpher the author explores how to find information about how to plan the transition and talks about how much you need to make, the pros and cons of going back to school, when to volunteer, and when to intern; how to network effectively and harness the power of social media; who’s hiring and for what jobs, and presents an encore hot list of 35 viable careers.

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Non-fiction books by authors speaking at the Mid-Manhattan Library in May 2013.


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