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Teens Read Hunger Games Read-a-Likes

Exodus By Bertagna, Julie (Book - 2008 )

Annotation:In the year 2100, as the island of Wing is covered by water, 15-year-old Mara discovers the existence of New World sky cities that are safe from the storms and rising waters, and convinces her people to travel to one of these cities in order to save themselves.

The Compound
The Compound By Bodeen, S. A., 1965- (Book - 2008 )

Annotation:After his parents, two sisters, and he have spent six years in a vast underground compound built by his wealthy father to protect them from a nuclear holocaust, fifteen-year-old Eli, whose twin brother and grandmother were left behind, discovers that his father has perpetrated a monstrous hoax on them.

Eve By Carey, Anna (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In 2032, 16 years after a deadly virus has wiped out most of the earth's population, Eve discovers the fate that awaits students when they graduate from their all-girls school, and she sets off on a treacherous journey into the wilds of The New America.

Matched By Condie, Allyson Braithwaite (Book - 2010 )

Annotation:All her life, Cassia has never had a choice. The Society dictates everything: when and how to play, where to work, where to live, when to die, and most importantly to Cassia, who to marry. When she is Matched with her best friend Xander, things couldn't be more perfect. But why did her neighbor Ky's face show up on her match disk as well?

The Maze Runner
The Maze Runner By Dashner, James, 1972- (Book - 2009 )

Annotation:16-year-old Thomas wakes up with no memory in the middle of a maze and realizes he must work with the community in which he finds himself if he is to escape.

The Pledge
The Pledge By Derting, Kimberly (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In a dystopian kingdom where the classes are separated by the languages they speak, Charlaina "Charlie" Hart has a secret gift that is revealed when she meets a mysterious young man named Max.

Wither By DeStefano, Lauren (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:After modern science turns every human into a genetic time bomb with men dying at age twenty-five and women dying at age twenty, girls are kidnapped and married off in order to repopulate the world.

Gone By Grant, Michael, 1954- (Book - 2008 )

Annotation:In a town in California, everyone over the age of 14 suddenly disappears, setting up a battle between the town residents and the students from a private school, as well as those who have "The Power" and are able to perform supernatural feats and those who do not.

The Line
The Line By Hall, Teri (Book - 2010 )

Annotation:An invisible physical barrier encloses the Unified States. It's said that bizarre creatures and super humans live on the other side. Rachel and her mother live there; it's a safe, quiet life. Until Rachel finds a mysterious recorded message that can only have come from Away.

The Eleventh Plague
The Eleventh Plague By Hirsch, Jeff (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:20 years after the start of the war that caused the Collapse, 15-year-old Stephen, his father, and grandfather travel post-Collapse America scavenging, but when his grandfather dies and his father decides to risk everything to save the lives of two strangers, Stephen's life is turned upside down.

Possession By Johnson, Elana (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In a world where Thinkers control the population and Rules are not meant to be broken, 15-year-old Violet must make a choice to control or be controlled after learning truths about her "dead" sister and "missing" father.

Awaken By Kacvinsky, Katie (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In the year 2060, when people hardly ever leave the security of their houses and instead do everything online, Madeline Freeman, the 17-year-old daughter of the man who created the national digital school attended by all citizens, is wooed by a group of radicals who are trying to get people to "unplug."

Shatter Me
Shatter Me By Mafi, Tahereh (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:Ostracized or incarcerated her whole life, 17-year-old Juliette is freed on the condition that she use her horrific abilities in support of The Reestablishment, a post-apocalyptic dictatorship, but Adam, the only person ever to show her affection, offers hope of a better future.

Tomorrow, When the War Began
Tomorrow, When the War Began By Marsden, John, 1950- (Book - 1995 )

Annotation:Seven Australian teenagers return from a camping trip in the bush to discover that their country has been invaded and they must hide to stay alive.

Ashfall By Mullin, Mike (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:After the eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano destroys his city and its surroundings, 15-year-old Alex must journey from Cedar Falls, Iowa, to Illinois to find his parents and sister, trying to survive in a transformed landscape and a new society in which all the old rules of living have vanished.

The Knife of Never Letting Go
The Knife of Never Letting Go By Ness, Patrick, 1971- (Book - 2008 )

Annotation:Pursued by power-hungry Prentiss and mad minister Aaron, Todd and Viola set out across New World searching for answers about his colony's true past and seeking a way to warn the ship bringing hopeful settlers from Old World.

Birthmarked By O'Brien, Caragh M (Book - 2010 )

Annotation:Sixteen-year-old Gaia Stone and her mother faithfully deliver their quota of three infants every month. But when Gaia's mother is brutally taken away by the very people she serves, Gaia must question whether the Enclave deserves such loyalty.

Delirium By Oliver, Lauren, 1982- (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:Lena looks forward to receiving the government-mandated cure that prevents the delirium of love and leads to a safe, predictable, and happy life, until ninety-five days before her 18th birthday and her treatment, she falls in love.

The Adoration of Jenna Fox
The Adoration of Jenna Fox By Pearson, Mary (Book - 2008 )

Annotation:In the not-too-distant future, when biotechnological advances have made synthetic bodies and brains possible but illegal, a 17-year-old girl, recovering from memory lapses, learns a startling secret about her existence.

Across the Universe
Across the Universe By Revis, Beth (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:Teenaged Amy, a cryogenically frozen passenger on the spaceship Godspeed, wakes up to discover that someone may have tried to murder her.

How I Live Now
How I Live Now By Rosoff, Meg (Book - 2004 )

Annotation:To get away from her pregnant step-mother in New York City, 15-year-old Daisy goes to England to stay with her aunt and cousins, with whom she instantly bonds, but soon war breaks out and rips apart the family while devastating the land.

Divergent By Roth, Veronica (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In a future Chicago, 16-year-old Beatrice must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomaly who does not fit into any one group.

Tankborn By Sandler, Karen (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:Kayla and Mishalla, two genetically-engineered non-human slaves (GENs), fall in love with higher-status boys, discover deep secrets about the creation of GENs, and in the process find out what it means to be human.

Unwind By Shusterman, Neal (Book - 2007 )

Annotation:In a future world where those between the ages of 13 and 18 can have their lives "unwound" and their body parts harvested for use by others, three teens go to extreme lengths to uphold their beliefs and, perhaps, save their own lives.

Ashes, Ashes
Ashes, Ashes By Treggiari, Jo (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In a future Manhattan devastated by environmental catastrophes and epidemics, 16-year-old Lucy survives alone until vicious hounds target her and force her to join Aidan and his band, but soon they learn that she is the target of Sweepers, who kidnap and infect people with plague.

Blood Red Road
Blood Red Road By Young, Moira (Book - 2011 )

Annotation:In a distant future, 18-year-old Lugh is kidnapped, and while his twin sister Saba and 9-year-old Emmi are trailing him across bleak Sandsea, they are captured, too, and taken to brutal Hopetown, where Saba is forced to be a cage fighter until new friends help plan an escape.


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