A Dolls House

Annotation:Excellent primary source for the view of 19th C woman by society ed, social status, legal status, relative to men. Excellent primary source for students to peruse for stereotypes of women and the education afforded them.

Annotation:Original document of 1891 review of a London production of A Doll's House in a popular womens magazine embedded in the latest gossip from Europe. Author expresses that audiences would never be content with Ibsen's dismal and pessimistic portrayals of marriage.

Annotation:Lexile 1860. 1 page marriage vows of Lucy Stone in 1855, claiming that their marriage will not involve husband's "ownership" of his wife, children, the results of her industry, etc. They refute all of the current marriage laws of the US

Annotation:The original book is to be found in the Pforzheimer collection bound together with other appeals written by Caroline Norton about womens' rights, Infant and child laws and worker's rights. Digitized version is attached. Very passionate pamphlet written to the Queen about anti-female marriage laws, Caroline Norton's own scandalous seperation case and an appeal to the Queen, as a powerful monarch to appeal to Parliament for women's rights

Annotation:Modern historical biography- juicy, fun to read on Caroline Norton, her marriage and her court case and her advocating for human rights. Illustrated plates are interesting Not very available- an onsite reading copy is available in the Pforzheimer collection- special permission required. NYPL and Betterworld books offered a for sale copy from England. I am purchasing a used copy from them Criminal Conversation was the euphemism for a sexual adulterous relationship.

Annotation:Beautiful portrait of the beauty Caroline Norton who appealed for changes in British mariage and property laws.

Annotation:Wrote a sequel to A Doll's house Firs ta transcendentalist and abolitionist and a close friend of Louisa May Alcott, she became a major advocate for suffrage and women's rights. She wanted to depict Nora as a liberated woman.

Annotation:New York State was very advanced in enacting this law which on one page outlines how women can inherit and will property. At this time in Europe and elsewhere in the US women were denied property rights.

Annotation:Cartoon illustrating woman shackled in marriage to her husband, prevented by the law and the Church to achieve her rights. Annotated by a modern source as well.

Annotation:Article by NYPL librarian on the most popular womens magazines- excellent 19th century visual of a submissive bride

Annotation:negative cartoon of a Scandanavian womens convention in 1906 with some data included.

A Doll's Life
A Doll's Life A New Musical Film - 1982 In-library use only in some locations
Betty Comden Papers
Betty Comden Papers By Comden, Betty Mixed Material and more… Finding aid »

Annotation:Betty Comden's notes on planning, writing and bringing to realization "A Doll's Life" 1981-1985 box 4 folio 1-2 contains this information

Annotation:detailed Article on first Norwegian feminist writer who infuenced Ibsen. Approx. 15 pp. Jstor file- available only at Acaqdemic institutions

Annotation:Academic paper discussing Camilla Collett's life and writings and its importance in women's history and literature. Lexile 1420

Annotation:Extremely negative review in 1985 in backstage of the Comden and Green and Grossman musical "A Doll's Life", the Broadway sequel to Ibsen's A Doll's House" View together with the Times review cited here as well.

Annotation:Long very old fashioned and pompous article written in 1828 on the legal status of women; constantly with the demeaning assumption that women cannot be legally emancipated in any form. Many stereotypical views of women's role. Very high lexile and difficult to read but reflective of society's judgements of the time. Assumes women are bound to their husbands, would not want any form of emancipation, nor could even comprehend their legal rights.

Feminism The Essential Historical Writings Book - 1994 In-library use only in some locations

Annotation:Peripheral source useful collection of important feminist documents

Wives and Property
Wives and Property Reform of the Married Women's Property Law in Nineteenth Century England By Holcombe, Lee Book - 1983 Available by request Availability details

Annotation:quote william blackstone "In law husband and wife are one person, and the husband is that person" p.18 text is extremely legal and detailed. "The male human being is thousands of years in advance of the female in economic status. Speaking collectively, men produce and distribute wealth: and women receive it at their hands....Charlotte Perkins /Gilman 1898 actually advocates for communal kitchens and child rearing ala kibbutz! found in Feminism The historical writings John stuart Mill: 1851 Women accept bondage willingly since men have enslaved the minds of women

Atlas of the European Novel, 1800-1900
Atlas of the European Novel, 1800-1900 By Moretti, Franco, 1950- Book - 1998 809.33 M and more… Available to borrow in some locations

Annotation:Peripheral source Very odd book mapping literary phenomena such as the growth of the villain in Romantic lit. pp 157 cites that " a patriotic attack was launched by the Daily Telegraph in 1891 against the open sewers of Ibsen's bourgeois dramas". not much else on Ibsen or related topics

Annotation:Typical illustration of a woman's garb in the late 19th century- illustrating how constrictive it was and how fashion defined woman's role at the time.

Annotation:Contained in the Victorian Women Writers Project archive. very oddly written piece not first choice. Written by Frances Power Cobbe late nineteenth century. Weighs arguments pro and con regarding women's rights.

Annotation:real article found at Proquest review not at Jstors

Annotation:On Jstor. Excellent academic article on the role of women's rights in Ibsen's writing. Could not acess article from home. Find out where JStore is available -usually only at academic library.

In Contempt
In Contempt Nineteenth-century Women, Law, and Literature By Kalsem, Kristin, 1962- Book - 2012 In-library use only in some locations

Annotation:only available for on site readingSchwarzman Building - Main Reading Room 315 --- JFE 12-3947 Found digitized version on Google- Ohio Press at: https://ohiostatepress.org/Books/Book%20PDFs/Kalsem%20In.pdf partial book is on line.pp1-64 and bibliography pp2-4 discuss Caroline Norton's writings,her legal case and relevant laws

Annotation:This article is found in this database.

A Doll's House
A Doll's House Ibsen's Myth of Transformation By Durbach, Errol, 1941- Book - 1991 839.822 Ibsen D All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:Excellent collection of Essays on Ibsen's The Doll House. Midtown Manhattan. Chapter on "The Problem of Women" Nora and Mrs. Linde very valuable and intuitive

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For teachers and students in high school studying A Doll's House by Ibsen. This list provides primary source historical background on women's lives as affected by property and marriage laws in the 19th century; commentary on women's education and role in society; and information on Norwegian feminists who influenced Ibsen. This list also looks at more recent responses to Ibsen's A Doll's House and sequels written to help explain the difficulty of a wife walking out on her husband and children as depicted in the play. This list has been compiled to align ELA literature curriculum to common core standards emphasizing review of primary sources-reading non-fiction- looking at literary works as the result of an author's point of view placed in a context of other contrasting views-and seeing works in their historical and social contexts. CCSSELA-Literacy R.L 11-12.5 (author's choice of structures),6 (point of view discrepancy between what is stated and what is meant,7 (analyze multiple versions of a work).10 (extending range of reading complexity)

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